Sunday, May 15, 2011

Travel Tales Pt. 5 - Body Issues

So I call down to room service to order some dinner. Betsy and I are having the same order but she's going to have some water and doesn't need a beverage.

For some reason, this call turns into a desperate attempt by me to convince the room service person that just because I'm having two orders of an entree with one beverage, that doesn't mean I'm eating both of them. The twisted thing here is that she understood exactly what I meant when I told her "Service for two". I was the one having the issue.

Me: "Okay, and that's service for two."
Her: [she repeats the order exactly as given]
Me: "And you realize, that this is for two, right?"
Her: [ Repeats the order ] "I'll keep repeating it, sir, until I get it right."
Me: "No, you're doing just fine. I'm apparently the one having the issues here."

For some reason I felt like the kid who's trying to convince his buddies that he has a real girlfriend....

"Guys, she and I totally made out...."
"No, you don't know her, we met at summer camp...."
"Yeah, she lives in Canada...."

I am a sick, sick man.

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