Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Travel Tales Pt. 1 - The Preparizing

In a couple of days my wife and I will be traveling to London to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. This will be extra special because the last time we were in London was twenty years ago this past March. We did so well together that we decided to move our wedding date from October back to May, before we left the U.K.
So it's been a while since we've done this kind of trip and...things have changed. I'm reliably informed that nobody uses traveler's checks anymore so that cut a step out of my prep. I still felt I needed cash so I was Googling for the nearest Thomas Cook and found out that I could order foreign currency on the Internet. Not only that, but they do home delivery. Since I'm such a huge nerd, the idea of ordering money over the Internet and having cash delivered to me was appealing so I gave it a try. Sweet! FedEx just came by about an hour ago and dropped it off.
Given the changes in the world since we last went overseas, I also decided to take my nerd cred to a whole new level with this trip. Not only am I taking my laptop, iTouch, iPad and AppleTV with us (just plug it into the hotel flat-screen), but I also plan to blog, tweet, post photos and video while we're there and keep in contact with family and friends back home.
I realize that this is not a new idea in general but it's certainly new to me. The last time we were in London I didn't have a laptop, much less Internet access, and I'd like to use it to help me build some memories. So keep checking in and I'll be posting more Travel Tales.

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