Friday, May 13, 2011

Travel Tales Pt. 3 - Lost in America

We have about half an hour before we need to get to our gate. In the meantime, an unexpected benefit of our BA business class fare is access to the BA club lounge. A very proper, Oxonian-accented gentleman greeted us and showed us to a seat where we are currently having a cool beverage and taking stock.
The Taking Of Stock has almost become a ritual for us when traveling. It mainly consists of figuring out what we forgot to pack.

So far, the tally is:

Our wedding album - Not a major loss, but it would have been nice to compare and contrast, particularly since the guests for our renewal ceremony were unable to make it to our wedding.

Betsy's wedding ring - A bit of a bigger loss here, as our ceremony does include an exchange of rings. Two options: a re-write or try to find her a ring in London. I'd like to do the latter as it would symbolize a renewed commitment.

Betsy's Chapstick - Okay, not huge. But I like to be thorough.

Betsy's wedding hat - In my own defense, I had not been informed that this was a part of the wardrobe. Once again, possibly a visit to Harrod's or M&S might sort this out.

Theater tickets - Ouch. We had opening night tickets to "Much Ado About Nothing", starring David Tennant and Catherine Tate. As dedicated Whovians we were both terribly excited about this. I need to make some calls when we land.

And so it goes....

Location:Peña Blvd,Denver,United States

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